Explore the Pearl of Africa: Uganda Awaits

Uganda, often referred to as the “Pearl of Africa,” is a treasure trove of natural beauty and diverse wildlife. From the mist-covered mountains to the vast savannas, this land is a paradise for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Our tours offer you the unique opportunity to witness the famous mountain gorillas, playful chimpanzees, majestic lions, and a plethora of bird species.



A Country Filled With Experiences

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Our itineraries are carefully designed to offer a blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion. Whether you're seeking an exhilarating wildlife encounter or a peaceful retreat in nature, our tours cater to every taste.
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See Wildlife Like Nowhere Else In The World

Uganda's wildlife is as diverse as its landscapes. Home to the iconic mountain gorillas, our tours provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Discover the vibrant primate life, including chimpanzees and golden monkeys, and be awed by the rich birdlife and the "Big Five" of Africa.

Uganda’s People Are Its Soul

Experience the warmth and vibrancy of Ugandan culture. Our tours introduce you to the local customs, traditions, and the welcoming spirit of the Ugandan people. Engage with local communities, taste traditional cuisine, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of life in Uganda.

National Parks: Uganda's Natural Wonders

Uganda boasts a stunning array of national parks, each with its unique allure. From the renowned Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to the tranquil waters of Lake Mburo, our tours cover the best of Uganda's natural splendors.

Here's a guide to each of Uganda's national parks, showcasing what they are best known for:

Best Time to Travel To Uganda: A Seasonal Guide

Uganda’s equatorial climate makes it a delightful destination year-round. With its unique weather patterns and consistent temperatures, every season offers a distinct safari experience. Here’s a detailed guide to help you choose the best time for your Ugandan adventure.

Understanding Uganda’s Climate:

  • Temperatures: Uganda enjoys a pleasant tropical highland climate. Daytime temperatures average around 26°C (78°F), while nighttime temperatures drop to around 16°C (61°F). This comfortable climate is consistent throughout the year, with little variation.
  • Mountainous Regions: The mountainous areas, particularly in the northwest like the Rwenzori Mountains, are cooler than the lower-lying eastern regions, offering a refreshing contrast to the warmer plains.

Dry and Wet Seasons:
Dry Seasons (June to September, December to February):

  • These are the most popular times for safaris.
  • Wildlife is easier to spot as animals gather around water sources.
  • The weather is generally sunny and dry, ideal for game drives and gorilla trekking.
  • Temperatures are comfortable, making it pleasant for outdoor activities.

Wet Seasons (March to May, October to November):

  • The landscape is lush and green, perfect for photography.
  • Birdwatching is particularly good during this time, with migratory birds present.
  • Although traditionally considered the rainy season, there are often breaks in the rain, and it’s less predictable than in the past.
  • Some lodges offer discounts during this period.

Wildlife Spotting in Different Seasons:

  • Dry Season – The sparse vegetation and concentration of wildlife around water sources make animal spotting more accessible. This is also the best time for gorilla and chimpanzee trekking as the paths are drier and less slippery.
  • Wet Season – The parks are less crowded, and the scenery is spectacular with vibrant flora. The wetter conditions can make some roads and trails more challenging, but the experience of the wilderness in full bloom is unparalleled.

Special Considerations About Traveling To Uganda:

  • Gorilla Permit Availability – If your trip includes gorilla trekking, note that permits for July and August sell out quickly. It’s advisable to secure your permit at least 6 months in advance.
  • Seasonal Variations – Even in the wet season, Uganda’s weather can be unpredictable, with some dry spells. Similarly, the dry season can have occasional showers.

Choosing the right time to travel to Uganda depends on your interests and what you hope to see and experience. With Miombo Safaris, every season brings its unique magic, and we are committed to providing a memorable safari experience, no matter the time of year.

mountain gorilla

Your Safari Questions Answered

When packing for a safari in Uganda, prioritize light and comfortable clothing suitable for fluctuating temperatures. Include long-sleeved shirts and trousers to protect against insects and underbrush during treks. Essential items are a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a good pair of binoculars for wildlife viewing. Sturdy, waterproof hiking boots are crucial, especially for gorilla trekking. Lastly, don’t forget a high-quality camera to capture the stunning landscapes and wildlife encounters. To stay organized, don't forget to use a packing list.

For mountain gorilla tracking, it’s important to wear clothing that protects against the dense vegetation and variable weather. Long-sleeved shirts and long trousers are essential to safeguard against thorns and nettles. Durable, waterproof hiking boots will provide stability and comfort on uneven terrain. Additionally, consider a waterproof jacket or poncho, as the weather in the mountains can be unpredictable. Gloves can also be helpful for grip and protection against nettles.

The best time to visit Uganda for a safari depends on your interests. For wildlife viewing and gorilla trekking, the dry seasons from June to August and December to February are ideal, offering easier animal spotting and more comfortable trekking conditions. However, the wet seasons (March to May and September to November) provide lush scenery and excellent birdwatching opportunities, with fewer tourists. Keep in mind that gorilla permits need to be booked well in advance, especially for the peak months of July and August.

The must-see national parks in Uganda include Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for mountain gorilla trekking, Queen Elizabeth National Park for diverse wildlife and tree-climbing lions, and Murchison Falls National Park for its spectacular waterfall and Nile River cruises. Kibale National Park is renowned for chimpanzee trekking and primate watching. For those interested in remote, untouched wilderness, Kidepo Valley National Park is a hidden gem with unique wildlife.

Mountain gorilla trekking permits cost $700 in Uganda, and are required for tracking and seeing mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. This allows for a one-hour visit with the gorillas. There are also gorilla habituation permits, which cost $1500, that allow for a four-hour visit. Permits should be booked well in advance, particularly for the high seasons (June to August and December to February), as they can sell out quickly. We can assist in securing these permits as part of your safari package.

Visitors to Uganda typically require a visa, which can be obtained upon arrival or in advance through Uganda's e-visa system. American travelers should know that they must get their visas in advance. Uganda is also part of the East African Tourist Visa program, which allows travelers to explore Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda with a single visa. This multi-country visa is ideal for those looking to experience a broader East African adventure. Always check the latest visa requirements and travel advisories before your trip.

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